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What if you could grow your wealth in a fun, generous and entertaining community?

And what if you could help direct an everlasting flow of funds towards ideas you feel are fun and entertaining?

Meet Myōbu. The fox headed to the top!

Myōbu are celestial foxes, honored for thousands of years at shrines to Inari, the Japanese god of the harvest. Now, Myōbu lives on Ethereum and continues the legacy of bestowing blessings on devotees.

Myōbu is growing fast…

Why is Myōbu so special and rewarding?

Well, it starts with the revolutionary “Guaranteed Growth” tokenomics. There are 5 unique aspects of these tokenomics:

  1. Anti-Dump Protection — If you’ve been in an early stage crypto project then you probably know the pain of watching the price drop 15% in price from a single whale sell. To counteract this, the Myōbu contract limits sell amounts, only allowing a maximum 2.9% price impact.
  2. Price Stability Mechanism — To further support stability of price and lessen the attractiveness of serial selling, there is an increasing consecutive sell cool down period. After the first sell, you must wait 1 hour till you can sell again. After the second sell? Wait 2 hours. Third sell? Six hours. Up until the 4th sell within 24 hours.
  3. Redistribution Tax — As if that’s not enough to discourage dumps, Myōbu also features a first of its kind incremental exit tax. Sellers pay a tax, starting at 7% and growing larger on each consecutive sell within 24 hours, up to 28%. This tax is re-distributed to holders. So you automatically earn more Myōbu, just by holding it.
  4. Development Fund — On top of the redistribution tax, there is yet another mechanism to discourage dumping and reward holding in the form of a community enhancement & development fee. Starting at 5% on the first sell, and increasing to 10% for sells 2–4, this fee is used to pay developers, hire marketing agencies, optimize the protocol and develop the ecosystem. (So many projects fail because they run out of funds to pay people, so this is a tremendous advantage!)
  5. Fox Hole Fund — Finally, a portion of the development & community enhancement fund is put towards solely giving back to holders. That might mean running a lottery for holders, or doing competitions with prizes paid in ETH or anything else the community can dream up! It’s a co-creative party and if you are reading this, you are invited to help us craft the future of what we will do with this ever replenishing fund for all of us to enjoy.
Myōbu with revolutionary tokenomics

You can probably see by now how Myōbu’s tokenomics are revolutionary, and thoughtfully designed to limit sell pressure, and make it an extremely attractive token to hold. That’s why we call it Guaranteed Growth Tokenomics. (Of course obviously nothing is guaranteed, but we do feel that the odds are pretty stacked in the favor of success!)

So now you know about the token… let’s talk about the movement behind it.

Get Blessed With Holy Fox F.U.R.

The whole point of the Myōbu token and community, is to create a self-fulfilling positive feedback loop.


Well by blessing up our community with the abundance harvested to the Fox Hole Fund! That fund is 100% reserved for things the community will find Fun, Useful and Rewarding (F.U.R.).

Right now we’re in talks to sponsor a Twitch channel for three community members, create NFT art contests for artists, help protect endangered foxes, create a merch line, sponsor musicians, have exclusive “Myōbu members only” parties and much more!

The possibilities are literally endless, and as the community grows, so will the amount of F.U.R. we can create! Imagine a few years down the road, hanging on the Myōbu island purchased from the Fox Hole Fund, surrounded by rescued foxes, with all your fellow members of the Myōbu millionaires watching a live performance of Beethoven’s 5th performed by the New York Philharmonic orchestra.

Or maybe we sponsor an orphanage in Africa. Or even create a custom “Myōbu music” streaming platform accessible to Myōbu holders. We could make all of that happen.

Hopefully you see the types of things that will be possible when you become a part of Myōbu. We can do whatever we can dream of… as long as we agree it would be fun, useful and rewarding for the community… so dream big.

We’ve currently already generated over $500,000 for the Fox Hole Fund & Development Fund, so we know the system works. And as the community grows larger, there will be more and more available to direct back into making the ecosystem as wonderful as possible.

So, if you want to join the community now, and not only watch your wealth grow, but also have a say in the conversation on where the community funds go, then head on over to and get some Myōbu in your wallet!
Then make sure to join our Telegram community at

We look forward to having you in our community.

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