Introducing The Fountain Of Fortune

4 min readAug 3, 2021

After a long day of journeying to the top of the charts, there’s nothing our tired Myōbu foxes need more than a nice bath.

To help our favorite foxes cool off, we decided to build a nice fountain for them to bathe in.

And when we built it, one of our Guardians of the celestial foxes noticed something strange about it…

Something magical!

It seems that our Myōbu fox changed something about the water, just by being in it!

More F.U.R. with the Fountain of Fortune

Our Guardian noticed he could throw some ETH into the fountain, and sometimes it would come back with a lot more ETH! Just putting a small amount in, he sometimes got back 10X or 100X of what he put in!

We also noticed that some of the ETH magically teleported over to The Shrine, to buy back the $MYOBU token and burn it.

This was quite a remarkable discovery, and we decided we immediately needed to share it with the community… because who wouldn’t want a chance to win more ETH?

So, here’s how it works:

Fountain of Fortune explainer

There’s a smart contract called the Fountain Of Fortune, initially pre-loaded with ETH. You put a certain amount of ETH into the pool, and receive tickets in exchange. After a pre-determined time, one lucky winner receives all the ETH from the pool in a random draw.

Some of the ETH used is sent to The Shrine buyback contract ( Another fraction of the ETH is allocated for the next round of the draw.

For example, if Guardian Neo holds the minimum amount of $MYOBU token needed and were to send in 1 ETH, he would receive a specific amount of tickets. The maximum amount of ticket buys depends on the total amount of $MYOBU holdings to benefit our most loyal Guardians.

If 20 others had also sent in 1 ETH, there would be 21 ETH in the pot (under the simplification that 0% goes to The Shrine and 0% to the next round). So when one of the tickets held by Guardian Neo wins, he would receive 21 ETH.

Totally automated. Totally trustless. Totally awesome!

Sounds like some good clean fun, right?

How much ETH could you win?

Well that depends how much is in the pool, and how many tickets you get
(Fortune always favors the bold).

How often will the drawing occur?

Each round has a specific timer. Once the timer goes to zero, somebody has to call the contract and Chainlink will randomly draw one of the tickets to determine a lucky winner.

(Note: The winning ticket holder must hold the minimum amount of $MYOBU to qualify. If the wallet does not have the required amount of $MYOBU the pool will be split between The Shrine and the next round’s pool)

How can I use the Fountain of Fortune?

Simply by going here and connecting your wallet in which you hold $MYOBU token:

This is the latest and greatest creation of the F.U.R. program, designed to reward our Guardians for being a member of the Myōbu community.

In the future many more contracts like this will be created, designed to allow our guardian community to have fun, win prizes and also feed the shrine.

These types of projects, executed in excellence, is what makes Myōbu stand out in the crypto community, because we are placing the desires of our community first… and we know what you want.

You want to have fun, create great wealth, and be a part of an epic story… and when you see the next smart contract games we create, you will start to see how this ecosystem will continue to evolve and develop.

The best part is, as you interact with these smart contracts, the eternally replenishing fees can feed new features and also buy back & burn Myōbu through the shrine, thus increasing the value and scarcity of the tokens you hold.

Over time this system will provide a robust and easy “all in one” way to have fun, and increase your wealth, as you join the fox headed to the top!

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