Myōbu goes BSC

6 min readDec 12, 2021


Bridging our $MYOBU token to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a critical step in our Metaverse and GameFi mission for three main reasons:

  1. This significantly lowers gas fees for transactions within our upcoming on-chain games.
  2. With BSC, transaction costs for trading $MYOBU and staking will become more affordable, allowing a wider range of investment strategies and styles.
  3. It is undeniable that BSC has grown in popularity and will allow us to expand our community and user base by tapping into the thriving BSC ecosystem. The above benefits will only further our mission to make $MYOBU a leading name in the emerging Metaverse/GameFi ecosystem.

Our token contract has been deployed on BSC. Likewise, the code that allows tokens to migrate to and from ETH/BSC, the bridge itself, is complete on AnySwap ( All that remains is acquiring initial token liquidity to list $MYOBU on the BSC-based DEX, PancakeSwap ( To do so, we will raise funds for liquidity by distributing our initial pool of the BSC $MYOBU token via a presale. In this presale, investors will be able to be placed on a whitelist.

Individuals that choose to do so will receive a price discount of the $MYOBU token based on a %-off of the current market cap. The discount for all whitelisted investors will be the same. There are no “special” deeper discounted tokens for any individuals. Just like our initial fair launch, we are committed to our community and strive to practice inclusivity and fairness. Those not on the presale whitelist will still be able to purchase the tokens at the $MYOBU/$USD (Ethereum blockchain) price on the snapshot date (that is, without a discount). In this way, we will allow as many parties as possible to participate in the bridging event.

The following information is important. Here we will describe what is a whitelist, how to become whitelisted, how to participate if you do not want to be whitelisted, and all of the details of the presale. There is a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the BSC presale at the end of this article. But, please read the entire document before beginning your presale experience and talk to a financial advisor if you have questions regarding your investments and risk tolerance.

What is a whitelist for presale?

A whitelist is a list of investors that have preferred access to the presale. In our case, we allow everyone to participate but give a price discount to whitelisted investors. Interested parties have to follow certain steps in order to get whitelisted.

How do you become whitelisted?

We will use SweepWidget (click URL) to build the whitelist. Interested investors who wish to be placed on the whitelist can perform a combination of the following actions, in order to increase their “score”. A minimum score of 3 points is required to be eligible for a spot on the whitelist. In addition, there are two REQUIRED actions. The whitelist will be on a first come first serve basis because there is a $300k presale limit.

The following scored and REQUIRED actions can be found below:

-Retweet our whitelist tweet (REQUIRED; +1)

-Provide wallet for airdrop address (REQUIRED; +1)

-Follow on Twitter (optional; +1)

-Follow on Instagram (optional; +1)

-Follow on TikTok (optional; +1)

What if I do not want to become whitelisted, but I still want to participate in the presale?

If you do not wish to perform the above actions to become whitelisted, for whatever reason, you will still be able to participate in the presale during the same timeframe as the whitelisted individuals. However, there will be no presale discount for non-whitelisted participants. Tokens will be available at the actual $MYOBU/$USD (Ethereum blockchain) price on the snapshot date (that is, again, without a discount).

What are the start and end dates of the presale?

Whitelisting/Presale begins on the 12th of December at 4pm EST and will end on the 19th of December at 4pm EST OR when our total presale limit has been reached. Whitelisted and non-whitelisted participants will be able to send funds to the presale contract address (see below section: ‘Where do I send my $BNB or $BUSD for the presale’) to complete the presale during this time frame as well.

When will trading on BSC be enabled?

Trading goes live on PancakeSwap on the 20th of December at 4pm EST, OR 1–2 days after the total presale limit has been reached.

What is the total presale limit?

The total presale limit is $300k. Once this limit is reached, no more tokens will be available through the presale.

What are the minimum and maximum $-entries per wallet for the presale?

Minimum investment per wallet: $500 USD; Maximum investment per wallet: $15,000 USD

What type of currencies are accepted for the presale?

You can only send $BNB or $BUSD to the presale wallet

Where do I send my $BNB or $BUSD for the presale?

The presale wallet is: 0x91619a0dFc59Cd7B3c42bB098Da37E5B9601C121
Both whitelisted and non-whitelisted investors will use this wallet. Do not send to any other wallet and watch out for scams.

What is the discount mentioned above?

Whitelisted investors get a 25% discount of the $MYOBU/$USD (Ethereum blockchain) price OR at minimum, the $MYOBU price at $7M market cap, whichever is higher. The snapshot for the price will occur on the 19th of December at 4pm EST or directly after the total presale limit has been reached.

What is the initial price of $MYOBU on BSC once trading is enabled?

The initial price will match the current $MYOBU/$USD (Ethereum blockchain) price OR at minimum, the price at $9M market cap, whichever is higher. Thus, we are establishing a price floor for the BSC launch. The price snapshot for the price will occur on the 19th of December at 4pm EST or directly after the total presale limit has been reached.

Who can participate in the presale?

The presale is public and accessible to any interested investor. That said, we have a private group of new investors who are willing to buy a certain amount of tokens under the same price conditions and limits as outlined above. A private sale gives us more comfort to raise sufficient liquidity, and the initial talks and agreements are already done.

What happens if we don’t raise enough liquidity?

We will launch on BSC no matter what, even if the private and community investors do not raise enough liquidity to reach our total presale limit (which we view as unlikely). Our dev wallets will fill any gap and allocate a sufficient amount of liquidity if we do not achieve our targeted liquidity amount with the presale. This guarantees that $MYOBU goes live on BSC with a certain amount of liquidity, even if we do not reach our targets, e.g. because of bearish market conditions.

Will I be able to stake the BSC $MYOBU?

Yes, two new pools will be added to staking, including a $BNB/$MYOBU liquidity pool and a single token $MYOBU pool on BSC, similar to what is currently available on the Ethereum Mainnet. The taxes on buys and sales, and distribution for staking, will be the same between the chains. The APY on each chain may differ and is dependent in part on the number of tokens staked and the trading volumes on each chain.

How will bridging to BSC affect the price of $MYOBU?

Going cross-chain is seen as a highly positive event to build out a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem. BSC opens $MYOBU up to new investors and enables lower fees for trading and on-chain gaming. With our set price floor minimum, it would be very risky for current $ETH/$MYOBU holders to sell their tokens in order to take advantage of the 25% discount on the BSC chain due to arbitrage. Overall, cross-chain, like CEX listings, helps lower price volatility and increase the investor base.

Step-by-Step Guide to participate:

If you want to be whitelisted and get the discount:

  • Go to: [SweepWidget]
  • Perform a combination of the requested actions, ensuring the required actions are completed and obtain a score of at least 3 points
  • Send at least $0.5k and at most $15k worth of $BNB or $BUSD to the presale wallet: 0x91619a0dFc59Cd7B3c42bB098Da37E5B9601C121
  • Wait happily for the airdrop of $MYOBU tokens, incl. the discount, after the presale, is finished

If you DO NOT want to be whitelisted, but still want to participate:

  • Send at least $0.5k and at most $15k worth of $BNB or $BUSD to the presale wallet: 0x91619a0dFc59Cd7B3c42bB098Da37E5B9601C121
  • Wait happily for the airdrop of MYOBU tokens after the presale is finished

If you have any questions, please reach out through our official channels.

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