Myōbu Staking: FAQ

What is staking?

How is Myōbu staking different from staking with other tokens?

Why $ETH rewards instead of token rewards?

What is the difference between locked single asset staking and LP (or liquidity-provider) staking?

What wallet apps work with staking?

Can I keep my $MYOBU on Hotbit and stake?

What does “time-locked” mean?

What if I want to unlock early?

Can I stake to multiple pools from a single wallet?

Can I stake for multiple timelocks from a single wallet?

Can I add more $MYOBU to a pool that is currently staked?

Why should we stake LP via the Myōbu staking dApp instead of on Uniswap?

Is the APY shown on the user interface a guaranteed amount?

How often can I claim $ETH rewards and how often are my rewards updated?

What happens when the time lock expires? If I don’t re-stake will I still earn rewards?

Are there limits or caps on rewards?

Are there fees or taxes for staking?

How is staking funded?





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