Myōbu— The EURO 2020 Competition

Did you know foxes love football?

Especially celestial foxes who want to share abundance & blessings with the world. This is why we have the great pleasure of introducing the EURO 2020 charity giveaway.

Here is how it works:

1. The community votes for who they think will win the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals for EURO 2020 in a poll.

2. If the community chooses correctly then we donate ETH from the Fox Hole Fund to charity (learn more about it in the previous article).

How much ETH?

Well, it depends on how many goals the winning team scores (excluding penalties).

· For the quarterfinals, every goal will create a 0.25 ETH donation

· For the semifinals, every goal will create a 0.5 ETH donation

· And for the finals, every goal will create a 1 ETH donation

That’s if we pick the winner…

If we pick the losing team?

Well, then the charity still gets a donation. In that case it would be 0.25 ETH for quarterfinals, 0.5 ETH for semifinals and 1 ETH for the finals.

We inform you about the charity during the time of the EURO 2020. We are selecting highly rated and legit organizations that will benefit from our donations in the next weeks.

So choose wisely and have fun during the last weeks of the EURO 2020!

Myōbu is fun, useful, and rewarding (F.U.R.) — Check our EURO 2020 contest

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