Why “Community Tokens” Are The Next Big Thing In Crypto

6 min readJul 14, 2021

Everyone wants to belong. It’s one of our core needs, to feel like we’ve found our people. Tribe. Family.

And so we find things to bond over… sports teams, hobbies, music we love etc. And if you’ve ever seen sports fans after their team won, then you know the levels of joy & elation it can bring when we feel like we are part of a winning community.

It taps into something primal within us. The desire for our tribe to prosper, for all of us to succeed together. It’s one way we break down the walls of our egos and experience the transcendence of finding our place in the universe.

And it’s the little explored reason why crypto projects succeed or fail.

Think about Bitcoin, for example… a decade ago it had a tiny community of dedicated people, who worked on it and worked on it, and built it into something great. They built protocols around it, ways to store it, interact with it, upgraded the security… and … perhaps most importantly they shared it. They talked about it. They wrote about it. They made videos about it.

And little by little, the idea caught on. Others saw the light. The community grew. And that one candle, lit by Satoshi Nakamoto, grew into a sea of candles lighting more and more and more. Now, Bitcoin is being used as the official currency of a nation-state.

Why? Not because of the tech, because of the community.

And all the other successful cryptocurrency projects have also succeeded because of their community… and many brilliant technical projects have faltered and failed because their community was toxic, unwelcoming and unfriendly.

Others failed because the developers chose to place their own interests above the interests of the community members. The most obvious of these is the scams, with rug-pulls and the likes.

But the smartest projects have realized that community is the foundation and bed-rock of creating anything worthwhile in the world, and have molded their creations to support & reward those who participate and co-create the community.

Which leads to where we are now.

The community is the foundation of crypto projects

The Rise & Fall Of Meme Coins

Meme coins have no point. They’re like the pet rock of the internet…

… however, keep in mind that tens of millions of people bought the pet rock.


Because it was funny, and they felt like they were in on an inside joke. In other words, they were joining a community. Just like bumper stickers really have no purpose, except to signal to other people you’re part of a group.

So as Bitcoin set out with noble ambition to change the worlds financial system, de-couple money from government, and create a trustless, decentralized consensus to forever impact how we transact…. DOGE set out to make us laugh.

That was it. There was nothing more to the project. The founders made it as a joke. Now it’s still a joke, but it has made a lot of people very rich and spawned a whole new question in many people’s minds…

“Why shouldn’t money be funny?”

What’s wrong with laughing and buying something dumb just for the sake of it? The answer is, nothing… except that it’s really dumb.

Why is it dumb?

Well because projects like DOGE and other similar projects weren’t built to reward their community. But they are fun, and people like fun… they are not very rewarding.

In fact, with a project like DOGE, since 10,000 new coins are made every minute… the value of what you hold actually decreases unless the price goes up. The hyperinflation makes it a very bad coin to hold. It’s also not very useful. All you can really do with DOGE is buy it, hold it in your wallet, and then sell it.

Meanwhile Ethereum is incredibly useful. You can build all sorts of projects on top of it, you can use it as fuel to create ingenious new financial systems for lending, borrowing, compounding, etc.

It can also be very rewarding to hold, as you can put it into a protocol and generate interest on it. However, Ethereum isn’t really that fun.

It’s easy to see how meme coins are all destined to fail eventually when you think about it this way. Yes, it may stick around for a while, but without the utility and rewards meme coin projects won’t be able to compete as crypto reaches more and more adoption.

If you’ve been around, you’ve no doubt seen many meme coins “moon” and then crash… these are called pump n’ dumps and they end up hurting the community they build, because the team has no real plan beyond just building it up and then crashing it.

So this might lead you to ask yourself… what can we learn from all of this?

A new type of crypto project

The Holy Grail Of Crypto Projects

Now, imagine you could create any type of project on the blockchain. What would you create?

Well, you would probably create something designed to be safe, increase in value, do cool stuff, and create a community. This is the “new wave” of crypto projects right now, which are starting to take the market by storm.

They’re being called “community tokens” and they combine the best of all the worlds…

  • Because they depend on community involvement they are very fun.
  • Because the developers create them for longevity, they have utility built in.
  • And because they are designed to take care of the community, they are rewarding.

This is where we got the idea to create our F.U.R. program for Myōbu, intending to create events, giveaways, games, programs, protocols and systems that are Fun, Useful and Rewarding.

The reason why, is because this will give the project the most solid community moving forward.

I mean, who doesn’t want to spend time with a tribe and family of people, where you all feel like you’re winning… you work together towards a common goal… and you know you are freeing yourself & others from the bondage of an oppressive financial system designed to keep you poor forever?

THAT is the holy grail of crypto.

And just like we saw with Bitcoin, ETH and DOGE above… it depends on community coming together and working to create cool stuff, with the right intention, in an intelligent way.

So congratulations, you have just seen behind the veil into what’s coming next… these are the projects that will stick around in the long-term, and will grow in unexpected and rapid ways…

… at least, it’ll be unexpected for people who don’t know what you know now.

How To Apply This Knowledge For Massive Gains!

So, if you want to analyze projects moving forward ask yourself these questions…

  • How well is this project designed to build community?
  • Does it feel good to be around here? Are people having fun?
  • Is the project designed to be rewarding?
  • Does it provide useful things beyond just holding it?

If you can answer “Yes” to all those questions, then you might have a winner on your hands.

We have built Myōbu to fulfill all these criteria, and with our “Guaranteed Growth Tokenomics” we have also done something technologically significant.

So if you want to be a part of a winning community, having fun on our way up, then consider joining the Myōbu community and riding the rocket with the Fox Headed To The Top!

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